20 things to do in Thailand – Tom Yum Kung, Phat Thai, & Cooking – Savour the True Spices of Thai Life

Now that traditional dishes like Tom Yam Kung (a spicy broth laced with lemon grass and fresh shrimps) and Phat Thai (Thai-style noodles) have become globally renowned, more and more people want to learn the basics of the one of the world’s most popular culinary arts. Forget the thousands of cookbooks and experience authentic Thai food preparation with a distinctly local flavour.Better still, you can choose your own kitchen.


Would you like to study aboard a converted wooden rice barge? How about in a humble wooden abode? Or would you prefer the gleaming kitchen of a five-star hotel?

Whichever you choose, you can take a day-long course – orlonger – and learn the secrets of preparing your favouritelocal dish from a real Thai chef. And then you get to join in the feast along with your fellow cooks.


Fancy a sweet green curry with chicken, or a spicy papaya salad? How about a mouthwatering grouper steamed in lemon and ginger? They’re all on the menu at these cooking classes, along with outings to buy ingredients at local fresh markets.