20 things to do in Thailand – Travel by Rail – Ride the Rails in Splendour and Comfort

When it comes to railway journeys of a lifetime, the true fans of luxury and history have a one-track mind for the legendary Eastern and Oriental Express. Get your dream vacation on track by booking the eight-day/seven-night package with stopovers at the history-rich cities of Ayutthaya, Chiang Mai and Kanchanaburi.


These sightseeing breaks include guided tours with a cornucopia of attractions, from religious ruins to the remnants of the World War II “Death Railway” and the Bridge Over the River Kwai, as well as river cruises.


From the privacy of your immaculate compartment on the E&O, you’ll have your own window on some of the most cinematic scenery in Thailand (both pastoral and urban). Into the bargain you’ll be pampered like a prince. The range of intercontinental dishes available in the dining car is to drool for. And how many other trains have their own well-stocked library?

After seven days of traversing Thailand, the Eastern and Oriental Express makes tracks through Malaysia to reach the end of the line in Singapore.