About Thailand – Economy

Thailand’s economy remains export-dependent, with exports accounting for 60% of a GDP that stood at roughly THB 7.7 trillion (approximately USD 270 billion) as of 2008. This positions the economy of Thailand as the 2nd largest in Southeast Asia, after Indonesia, a distinction it has held for many years.

Thailand’s exports, worth approximately USD180 billion per annum, consist primarily of agricultural products, including fish and rice, the latter of which Thailand is the largest exporter of in the world, as well as textiles, rubber, automobiles, jewelry, and computers/electronic appliances.

With the seventh lowest unemployment rate in the world, and only 10% of the population living below the poverty line, Thailand is a relatively economically developed nation. However, while one of the premier tourist destinations in the world, the Thai economy only receives around 7% of its GDP from international tourism revenue, a figure which is nonetheless a substantial 550 billion Baht (nearly USD 16 billion).