20 things to do in Thailand – Muai Thai – Jump in the Ring

When it comes to martial artistry, everyone knows that Muai Thai kick-boxers are the lords of the ring. Professional bouts provide plenty of punchy entertainment in Bangkok. But more and more people are getting their kicks in Thailand by taking lessons at the many schools across the country, for fitness reasons, self-defense, or to become professional boxers.

And there are gyms all over the country which welcome foreigners and give classes in English. What’s even more thrilling are the Muai Thai resorts and training camps opening near beaches on Pattaya, Phuket and Ko Pha-ngan. There’s nothing more soothing for those aches and pains than some downtime on the beach or a swim in a tropical sea after a hard day’s workout, learning pugilistic moves like breaking the elephant’s tusks.