20 things to do in Thailand – Chatuchak Weekend Market – Break Your Budget at this Mammoth Bazaar

For a truly Thai shopping experience, the Chatuchak Weekend Market is guaranteed to appease both the thrifty bargain-hunter and the moneyed antique collector. From home decorations and artworks to exquisite Thai handicrafts and exotic pets, you’ll find them all – and much much more – in this sprawling behemoth of a bazaar. When you’re on that final shopping spree for souvenirs or presents for your loved ones back home, this is the place to shop until your bank balance drops.


With more than 15,000 individual stalls spread over 35 acres, the Weekend Market (which is on the Skytrain line) can seem overwhelming at first.


Just remember that the outer rim of the market usually features plants, gardening equipment and some used clothing, while the stalls in the inner sections deal in clothing, souvenirs, jewellery and householddecor. Towards the back and northends of the market is where most of the exotic plants, fish and other animals are contained.The Nancy Chandler Map for the market is a handy time-saviour.